making people move about awkwardly since 2008.

the ruins began as an alternative folk trio. an alternative to, say, gangster-rap quartets and banjo duellers. one guy fell away and the remaining two (jonas and sim) went on to record "splendid isolation" for a year. then they got a little too splendidly isolated and lonely. it took three harky boys to fill their void. and now they're a quintet, so to speak, or "band", if you like. and you do!
the music went from quiet, depressing folk to more rocky bluesy depressing folk. it's good fun though, you should come see us sometime!

their newest albumination of songs will be out on december 6th, 2014, in the form of a polycarbonate layer which stores the data and a layer of lacquer which protects the shiny layer. and shiny it is! it will be called "bound" by those who are right and otherwise by others.

the ruins - band - bound - jonas blumer simon hasenfratz dario voirol reini  carlo zappia
dario carlo jonas sim reini
bass drums vox, guit keys guit

we were also featured in ron orp's newsletter, 7sky magazine and even the nzz. check out the articles!
7sky interview (pdf, 2mb)
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